Victoria Dahl Book Review / To Tempt A Scotsman

To Tempt a Scotsman
Victoria Dahl
Zebra Historical Romance

I usually do not read historicals, but Victoria is in my Utah RWA chapter. So of course at our last signing I had to pick it up.

Lady Alexandra Huntington feels she has nothing left to lose. Alex was caught in a very public scandal and has exiled herself to her brother's estate.

Collin Blackburn is out to find out what really happened to his brother that scandalous night long ago.

He shows up on her doorstep demanding answers. She's more than ready to give him answers, but not the ones he wants. The two are attracted from the first moment they see each other. Those are the answers she's willing to give, the answers that his body is asking for.
I give this a 3 A good read. Ms. Dahl’s novel is excellently written. Fast paced and exciting. However, it has one of my pet peeves in it. The Hero at the end in my opinion says hurtful things to the heroine that makes me wonder why she stay’s with him.


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