Suzanne Brockmann Book Reveiw / Into The Storm

Into The Storm
Suzanne Brockmann
Ballantine Books

This is another book I got from National RWA in Dallas. I'd never read Ms. Brockmann before and when I saw her at the book signing, her books looked great so I decided to try one.

Mark Jenkins and Lindsey Fontaine are great as H/H. Sparks fly from the beginning. Ms. Brockmann has great secondary characters also. What I liked best about all of them was the fact they were real not story book hero's that you'd never meet in real life.

The story is of a SEAL Petty officer and a security officer of a private organization. Their training exercise ends up turning into a real rescue mission. Great suspense throughout the book.
I give this a 4I will certainly pick another of Ms. Brockmann's books.


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