Lisa Jackson Book Review / Almost Dead

Almost Dead
Lisa Jackson
Zebra Fiction
August 2007

It was on the #1 NY Times bestselling list. Okay I got this for free at National RWA when I heard her give a keynote speech at lunch. I thought "I'm going to enjoy this."

I settled in to read about Cissy Cahill and her world that was falling apart. People were dropping like flies around her. Add into the mix her estranged husband Jack. Then I waited for the good stuff to start. And I waited. I read thinking okay it hit the best seller list there has to be something here.

Finally the last 100 pages brought the suspense I'd been waiting for. This would have been a great novella if most of the first 200 pages had been chucked. Some of the back story was told not once, or twice but three times. I'd think, hello! You've already told us this.

Obviously this is just my opinion, someone else liked it or it wouldn't have made it to the bestselling list. So read at your own risk, you may want to skim the first until it gets interesting.

I give this 3 The last 100 pages is what saved this from a 2 or a 1.


Susan Kelley said…
Thanks, Mary. You probably saved me a few of my precious, purchasing for pleasure reading, dollars. I'll be back to read more of your reviews.
Mary said…
Glad I could help. Like I said though it was my opinion, but the end was good when I finally got ther.

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