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Dead Giveaway
Brenda Novak

Okay we are on to the 2nd book of the series of Ms. Novak's.

This story is about Clay Montgomery. There's been suspicion surrounding him since the disappearance of his step father nineteen years earlier. The Reverend Lee Barker.

Clay holds the family together. He's the one, who at sixteen, made sure his mother and sisters were taken care of after the Reverend went missing.

Allie McCormick and her daughter comes home to live with her parents. Her father just happens to be the police chief and she just happens to be a cold-case detective from Chicago. Of course she joins the force in her hometown. And as a result is asked to check into the case that has never been resolved. The case that still haunts the town, but especially the Montgomery family.

Clay has always kept to himself. It's safer that way. Allie breaks down his barriers one by one. The chemistry between the two is wonderful to read. Especially when she starts to undercover leads. And the townsfolk isn't going to like what she uncovers.

I would recommend this book to everyone. But I would suggest that you read Dead Silence first. I didn't realize I was picking up the 2nd and read this one first. It is a stand alone book, I still loved every page turner minute of it. It just would have been better in order.
I give this book 5 Next week look for book three, Dead Right.


Crystal said…
Just read this book and totally loved it!

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