Brenda Novak Book Review / Dead Silence

Dead Silence
Brenda Novak

This is the first book of a series. It's about the Montgomery family and what they may be hiding. This is Grace's story, she's pivotal for what happened thirteen years ago.

Grace left town as soon as she could, not able to forget while living in Stillwater Mississippi. But the move doesn't work, she's still haunted and the only way she can forget is to move back and confront her fears and demons.

Kennedy is one of the people she grew up with and though he is attracted to Grace and her strength knows that he and his boys need to stay far away.

I love this story. It is a fast paced page turner. Ms. Novak keeps the tension and suspense high. The sparks between Grace and Kennedy are great to read and the boys have such a special relationship with Grace. The characters come to life and leap on the pages. I would recommend this to all of my friends. But don't even think about borrowing this book, it's staying on my shelf.
I give it a 5 Next week look for book two!


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