Book Reviews

Beginning Monday August 20th I will be posting weekly book reviews. Before I go on there is something you should know. I'm a parrot head (AKA Fan of Jimmy Buffett) That being said here is my rating system:
5 Best read I've had in a long time. Will re-read it several times until the cover falls off.
4 Very good read, will tell all my friends to read it, but won't let them borrow my copy.
3 Good read, something fun to take your mind off things. Will tell a few friends about it, if they'd like to borrow it, they may.
2 Okay read, has some plot holes. Got lucky to get it published. Probably would have been good with a little more work.
1 This is a very poor read, I probably wouldn't recommend this to my ex-husband, of course he doesn't read.

Okay now you know the rating. Look for my first review on the 20th. I hope I can help you decide what to read on your TBR list.



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