A week in the life

Okay, here is a sample of my week. I didn't get much writing done, but I did edit. And I had a grand time with family.

Monday I was interviewed for Coffee Time, I'll let everyone know when it is posted.

Tuesday my hubby and I went to see Chris Isaak at Red Butte Gardens. This is an amphitheater, small and intimate. Chris gives a fun show. My hubby had so much fun he indulged in a little bit too much of the vino. I had to drive baby home. (My hubby's vette, he has to be pretty sick to let me do that.)

Thursday I took all the grandsons to the zoo, it was actually the first time I'd taken the time to watch the shows. We saw the bird show, elephant show and then the tiger show (the last one was boring).

Then I took the older boys and one of my daughters to Color me mine. We all painted our own pottery.

Marcus picked a soccer ball.

Zacky picked a bowl to have for his own cereal.

Anthony picked a little car.
Okay I'm not showing you what I made until I'm sure it came out okay.
Today we went to see a play called Saturday's Voyeur. Unless you live in Utah, you wouldn't understand it. It pretty much takes digs at everything, like our strange liquor laws. It really does a number on The Church. This has been going on for almost 30 years, and every year is a different subject. This year was The Goodbye Rocky Show. Salt Lake City's Mayor Ross 'Rocky' Andersen's term is over. Just to give you a taste of what they do, when we came back from intermission they asked if they'd offended everyone. Then said if not, they'd take care of that in the 2nd half.
They had musical numbers: We're dreaming of a new Utah (Utah without democrats). We need your Balls. (Yes those kind) and so forth. And because Mitt Romney considers himself from Utah (when he's here asking for money that is) he had a major part in it too.
All in all a slow writing week but a good family week. Have a good evening.


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