Sunday, July 01, 2007

July's Contest

Name those characters contest!
I need three names for characters for my next Work In Progress.
The Bridge.

Here is a brief description of each character I need a name for:
Heroine: She’s from a small town anywhere USA, she moves to the big apple to find excitement. Then she sees something she shouldn’t.
Hero: Under cover agent who works with the mob. He knows she’s a witness and it’s his job to bring her in to turn state’s evidence.
Hit Man: He’s one of the best hit men the mob has, and no one ever witnesses his jobs, and if they do, they don’t live to tell about it.

If I use the three names that you
email me you’ll win a $10 gift card from


tam said...

Mary, How long is this contest and will you list a winner?

Mary said...

This contest goes until the end of July 2007 and yes I will announce the winner,