My first Barnes and Noble Book signing

I actually had two this weekend for Peek A Boo (I See You) Friday night is very close to where I live. The manager only ordered 15 books, they usually order 10 for a new author. I told him that there would be more. Finally he ordered 15 more, however they did not come in, in time for the signing. So I sold out of my 15 and some people had to put a hold on one of the ones coming in.

Saturday night I had a signing 50 miles away, and it's in a very religious community that pretty much believes romance is smut. At first when when people walked in I would greet them with "Great gift, Romance for Mother's Day" They stuck their nose in the air and walked by. So I changed tactics. There were three of us at the signing and we all wrote something different. So I started saying "Great gift for Mother's day an autographed copy of a book. We have everything from sweet romance and suspense to Spicy (one of our authors write for Ellora's Cave) and we started to sell some books!

Have a good evening I just wanted to tell everyone about my first signing experience.


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