I've been tagged!

Hi All,
I've been tagged by both Rita Karnopp and Mary Pritchard. I guess I'm supposed to tell you 8 things about my self. (Since I've been tagged by 2 people I hope I don't need to tell double!)

Here goes:
1. I love to travel.
2. I have 6 children. Three boys and three girls, yes the Brady Bunch (Well the dysfuncational Brady Bunch that is)
3. I have 6 grand children. 5 Grandsons and one tiny little princess.
4. I love to read. Not a big shocker I'm sure.
5. I love wine and I belong to a wine tasting group. (I founded it!)
6. I love to write suspense.
7. Someday I'm going to write a horror novel. Watch out Stephen.
8. I quit work to stay home to write 2 years ago. Sometimes it feels like I'm watching grandkids more than writing but I wouldn't change anything!

Okay now I get to pick 8 people to tag. I'm not sure who has blog spots to tag. Here goes.
Cindy Spencer Pape
Gail Delaney
Jennifer Loy
Ciara Gold
Jenna Leigh
Marjorie Jones
Cary Weldon


CarysWeldonblog said…
8 things about me? (Forgive me, but i'm going out on a pun here.)

*I have more than one blog and website (eight if you count the ones under my pseudonym and real name) but the main blog is at http://carysweldonblog.blogspot.com/

*I have a ton of books coming out in the next year. Like 8 x 4 = 32.

*I have eight people in my family, me, my husband, five kids and one son-in-law.

*I like to paint with acrylics. Oils and watercolor CRAYONS are fun too. I've probably painted a total of eight presentable pictures but have a whole lot of money in canvas, paints, etc. sitting here. You know, because ONE day I might get jiggy with them.

*I have accomplished eight life pursuits: wife, mother, preschool teacher/director, and sunday school teacher, beauty pageant director, Amway and Eola sales/distributor, international and award-winning writer, and maybe my biggest accomplishment of all--being a good friend.

*I can name eight dogs I have had: Bodie (my first border collie ever), Jezebelle (a helluva little border collie), Cody (Bodie's son by a tramp blue heeler), Mickey (another border collie), Hairy (Bodie and Belle's son), Tinkerbell (Sheltie--we thought we'd mix it up a bit), Tess and Wyndee (border collie girls). So, um, you could say I'm a border collie/dog lover.

*I have eight favorite things today--this list changes from time to time: My favorite color is red. My favorite dessert is always chocolate. My favorite food, period, is steak. My favorite perfume is White Diamonds. My favorite book cover (of someone else's) is Devil in a Kilt. My favorite author is Sue Ellen Welfonder. My favorite editor is Stefani Kelsey (of Mojocastle Press) and my favorite topic is sex.

*And another 8 thing. I know who ate it big time at my daughter's big fat Italian wedding last summer. You might find the answer to THAT in the archives of my blog listed above.
robynl said…
Thanks for letting us into your life a bit more, Mary; very interesting.

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