Finally a Grand Daughter

Hi All,
I'm so excited to announce that we finally have a granddaughter. We have five grandsons who are absolutely wonderful, but they have a problem wearing frilly dresses and pink and stuff. So up until now I never got to buy anything like that.

I need a leash so that I don't go crazy. She is so wonderful and she has red hair just like her daddy had when he was a baby. I'd post a picture and all the details, but my son has requested that I don't. Apparently they have a form at the hospital that advises them not to post things on the Internet because they've had problems with kidnappings and identity theft. He is being protective so I'll honor his wishes. But man do I wish I could show what a beauty she is. You'll just have to take my word for it!

Have a wonderful St. Patty's Day also.

Have a good evening,


robynl said…
Congratulations to everyone on the birth of your granddaughter.
We also have a granddaughter now and 4 grandsons so it was nice to buy girly things.
Mary said…
Thanks Robyn! I have trouble not buying everything in the store!

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