Sneak Preview of Mr. Romance

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I just thought I'd let you know about my book coming out in August from Triskelion Publishing. Mr. Romance

Adam Fernando Russo has always loved women and thought he would never want to settle down with just one. New York Society has dubbed him Mr. Romance for his romantic adventures. He finally decides he's tired of the procession of endless women. In order to find the perfect one, he makes a list. However, after that his women fall prey to a murderer that apparently doesn't want Adam to settle down. The murders seem unrelated. Nothing about them are the same, except one thing. They have all just returned from a fabulous weekend rendezvous with Mr. Romance.

The police question Adam, and after they determine he has an airtight alibi for all the murders they are at a loss. Adam and his trusty assistant Katie solve the mystery concerning the link of all the murders. They're connected with classic movies, and the place Mr. Romance takes his date is the key of how the woman meets her end.

Adam and Katie come up with a foolproof plan to catch the murderer. They set a weekend get a way for Paris using the classic movie Charade as their example. But as luck would have it their plan goes astray.

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