December Holiday Blog Recipe Contest

Okay it's official. I'm going to have a Recipe Blog contest. From December first through the 22 everyone will have a chance to put their favorite holiday recipe on my blog. I will look them over and have my dear family help me determine the best blogged holiday recipe. The winner will receive a Peek A Boo, I See You! canvas tote bag with vinyl photo holders on the front. Picture of bag can be seen on my web site contest page.

You have a couple of weeks to dig up your best holiday recipe. Ready Set Go! I'll send out an announcement to remind you when it starts.

Good Luck to All who participate. Only recipes blogged on December first and after until the 22nd are eligible.
Have a good Thanksgiving,


Ciara Gold said…
Whoo hoo. This sounds like fun. Just keep reminding me though. I'll probably forget. *smile*
Teresa said…
This is a Chocolate Pie to die for.
McCoy Chocolate Pie
Mix 2 1/2 cups of sugar and Herseys cocoa.
Add 9 tablespoons of flour. Mix good
Add 3 eggs, 3 cups of milk.
Cook until starts to boil. Remove from heat. Add butter and 1 teaspoon of vanilla flavoring.

Pie crust: use 2 deep dish pie crust. Brown pie crust before putting in Chocolate pudding.

This is a pie recipe that has been in our family a long time.
You can also just use it a pudding.

Something fun and fancy. Inject Grand Marnier into strawberries or orange/mandarine sections then dip fruit halveway to 3/4 of the piece in melted chocolate. Set on wax paper coated tray and let coating set in fridge.

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