New Baby

Hi All,
I know I've been remiss in posting. Sorry. Well I just had my 2nd grand baby of the summer a few days ago. He's a cute little guy. He's also my 5th grandson. Some day I'll get a grand daughter and man is she going to be spoiled.

I would like to write longer, however I still have a gazillion things to do to get caught up from taking time away from my computer.

If you have any thing you'd like to discuss feel free to start a discussion. What book are you reading now?

Have any of you read Karen Robards? I'm reading superstition (when I have time) right now. She is going to speak at our URWA The Mystery of Suspense Conference in February 2007. If you are interested you can check out my web site for details.

All of you have a nice evening. I must get reading, no not something for pleasure, I need to finish a book to review tonight. However, it is a pretty good one, so it's not a chore.
Good Night.


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