4th of July

Hi All,
Hope all of you had a good 4th. We went to our local Magna Parade. We're a small town, so mostly it was the local schools and politicians and a lot of candy throwing. Luckily this year we found some space under some shade so it wasn't so blasted hot. Every year they have it at 12:30 pm. It's July for heavens sake! Can't they have it at 10 am?

Then we went to our neighbors for a BBQ and it got rained out, so we ate inside, very good and we drank a lot of wine. Came home to fireworks down the road until about 1 in the morning. All and All a good day.

Let me know how yours was.


Schuyler Thorpe said…
I got stuck with house cleaning and packing on the 4th. Then on the sixth, I found out I had another DVT, so...

My week since then has been rather interesting.

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