Computer Day

Hi All,
So far this week I've spent my days working on, a contest for my website. Then this blog, something to put on my space and then last but not least I set up a Google Group. WOW if I were more computer savey, I'd probably been able to do it all in 1/2 a day instead of three long days of trial and error. So my question to you is:

What is the worst time you've ever had on the computer!


Ray G said…
Your blog has more on it than mine. I just got started.

I like the appearance of the blog site.

Isis McGowan said…
My worst times on the computer is finding out that it had gotten invaded by a virus and kept rebooting over and over again.

The other times is working on my books, and you get this message saying that there was something wrong with Microsoft Works 8, and it shuts you off--before you can even save. (I've only had this happen once to me. I lost three hours and about two pages of work.)

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