The TBR Pile - Contemporary Romance Week

Welcome to Mary's Garden where imagination blooms. I have some fun things today. But first a quote of the day.
Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.
~~Albert Einstein

It is the first day of The TBR Pile - Contemporary Romance Week!
July 8 through July 15

There will be prizes / giveaways so don't miss out. Visit the site every day and check out the prizes and ENTER TO WIN!

I have two of my books featured. I will be featured this morning (July 8) I am giving away a print book (US Only) of Chick Magnet.

Madison McCullough is recuperating from a broken heart. She hadn’t just loved her ex-fiancĂ©, she’d loved his little boy. However, she discovered she was just a convenient babysitter while he wined and dined other women.
Brady O'Neill is a Formula One racecar driver recuperating from a near fatal accident. His matchmaking sister believes a little romance will help his healing. Her son is a total “chick magnet.” What woman can resist a man who’s good with children? With a plan in place, she sends Brady to the grocery store— toddler in tow.
When Madison and Brady meet, oranges roll. Was this fate? Because no matter how much they resist the attraction, these two are destined for each other.

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On the 14th I will be giving away a print book (US only) of Romance and Misconceptions. 

What happens when one small misconception changes the lives of six people? Oops, I mean seven; I keep forgetting little Abbie gets a dad.

Marnie and Melissa Hansen are identical twins, they are totally opposite of each other. Marnie loves anything artsy fartsy, dreams of marrying a passionate struggling artist someday, and she can't stand businessmen. She refers to them as suits, and she doesn't mean it as a compliment. Melissa on the other hand dreams of a family and a white picket fence. The American dream. Mostly she dreams of a future with her boss, David Bowman, who is most definitely a suit and does not want the American dream. Thank you very much!

Jared Collins is a friendly business rival of David's and they compete for many of the same accounts. When Jared's young, impressionable gardener, Shane, overhears a conversation, he decides he needs to take revenge on behalf of his boss. Shane's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he means well. That small misconception is what changes the lives of all of these people, including the beautiful caretaker of Jared's lodge and her daughter.

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Enjoy all the romance and have fun!


stanalei said…
Fun week, Mary!

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