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Welcome to Mary's Garden. Sadly PJ Sharon is moving on to other adventures. I know I have enjoyed her visits. She has one more:

Garden Tip:
Planning your spring garden. As you close out the year and begin looking ahead, now is a great time to start planning for spring. Purchasing seeds and bulbs and plotting out your garden plans can be a fun way to beat the winter doldrums and give you something to look forward to through the long, cold winter. Now is the time to purchase your seed catalog and decide how big or small you plan to go this next summer. You can find some free online garden plotting resources here, visit a site for planning a vegetable garden, or find helpful information on setting up a kitchen or raised bed garden. Whatever your plans for 2020, enjoy!

Like most people, I hate goodbyes. But it’s time for me to move on and focus on new adventures. I want to thank Mary for sharing her space with me this past year and a special thanks to you, her readers, for welcoming me. I’ve enjoyed sharing gardening tips with you and appreciate the opportunity to share my books as well! I hope you’ve had a chance to read a few of them. I love hearing reader experiences so please feel free to contact me either through my blog or on my PJ Sharon Books page on Facebook. If you simply want to keep up on book releases and occasional updates, please sign up for my newsletter.

As a going away gift, I’ll be giving away an e-book copy of my non-fiction title, OVERCOME YOUR SEDENTARY LIFESTYLE (A Practical Guide to Improving Health, Fitness, and Well-being for Desk Dwellers and Couch Potatoes). It should come in handy as we all hibernate this winter. Just leave a comment in the section below and you’ll be entered into the drawing. A random winner will be chosen on December 31st at midnight!

Here’s a bit about the book…
Is a sedentary lifestyle killing you? Are you gaining weight, developing neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, back problems, or other health issues that are interfering with your ability to achieve your goals or live life to the fullest?

Sedentary Lifestyle Syndrome (SLS) ™ is one of the fastest growing health care crises of our time. In this digital age of techno-overload, where most of our waking hours are spent sitting, or otherwise “connected” to some device, we are quickly realizing the negative effects. If you can answer yes to the following questions, you may be suffering from SLS.
Do you sit for at least 6-8 hours per day without adequate breaks?
Have you gained significant weight from lack of exercise and poor nutrition?
Do you suffer from headaches, fatigue, listlessness, and lack of motivation?
Have you been diagnosed with one or more health issues aggravated by prolonged sitting and lack of movement? (i.e.: Obesity, depression, heart disease, diabetes, metabolic syndrome)

Overcome Your Sedentary Lifestyle is the practical guide you need. Author and holistic health care professional, PJ Sharon, includes tips to keep you healthy—even if sitting is in your job description. Ms. Sharon offers easy to implement solutions for proper workstation set-up, exercises for injury prevention and treatment, and a practical plan for self-care success—whether you’re perched on the couch, or on the way to fulfilling your dreams.
Isn’t it time for you to stand up for your life?

Find out more about the book and read an excerpt on my website, and check out PJ’s Pantry and my Healthy Teen Tips page for tips to keep you and your kids on the path to wellness.

While I’m here this week, I’m happy to answer questions about how you can improve the quality of your life through simple means. If you’re having neck and back troubles, weight issues, or musculoskeletal problems related to a sedentary lifestyle, ask away!
It has been a pleasure being here!
Peace and blessings,

About the Author: 
As a Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA), Massage Therapist (LMT), Certified
Personal Fitness Trainer (CPFT), and Yoga Instructor, Ms. Sharon brings a wealth of knowledge to her clients and workshops. A graduate of Springfield Technical Community College and the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, Ms. Sharon also holds certifications as a personal trainer through the NFPT and teaches therapeutic yoga.

In addition to authoring award winning young adult novels, PJ Sharon owns ABSolute Fitness and Therapeutic Bodywork in East Granby, CT. With over twenty-five years in the health and fitness industry, Ms. Sharon finally wrote the holistic living, self-help guide her clients have been asking for.
When she’s not writing romantic and hopeful stories for teens, or spreading the love through her practice, she can be found kayaking in the Berkshire Hills of Massachusetts and renovating an old farmhouse with the love of her life.
Website: http://www.pjsharon.com
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Thank you, PJ, for joining us at Mary's Garden, you will be missed. You are invited to be our guest any time. 


PJ Sharon said…
Thanks so much for having me, Mary. I'll be sure to come back for a visit!
stanalei said…
Wishing you the best in your new ventures, PJ!
PJ Sharon said…
Thank you, Stanalei. And thanks so much for your support over the past year. Best to you in 2020!

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