What is your worst nightmare?

Welcome to Mary's Garden. After I give you our weekly tip, provided by The Backyard Boss, I am going to tell you about my worst nightmare as an author. And yes it happened to me. 

From the chapter “sow in fall, reap in spring”, we give you the wonderful world of autumn shrubs and trees. It’s not uncommon for plants to suffer during the intense summer heatwaves, so having cool air temperature gives plants a chance to concentrate on developing their roots.

Bonus: since fall is known as being a rainy season, it is that precise rain that will help trees and shrubs roots grow strong. People that live in hot climates can really benefit from planting during the fall because the root system can take advantage of winter to establish.

Autumn is also the perfect season for moving perennials that require plenty of space to grow. Make sure you do this several weeks before the first frost, to give the plants recovery time. Shrubs and trees are best planted about four to six weeks prior to the first ground freeze. Make sure you don’t postpone planting too late in November, or else the root might not grow that strong.

Okay now on to my worst nightmare. I Vlogged it instead of writing it. And when you hear what I've done the past two day's you'll understand!

Thank you for visiting. 


stanalei said…
So glad you were able to redo the work. And so exciting that's it's even better than the first round.
Good luck with Google Docs.

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