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Welcome everyone to Mary's Garden Blog. Our guest PJ Sharon will share A gardening tip and some fun things about her stories. She will be returning every third Monday of the month. I'm excited. 

Hello dear readers, gardeners, and urban growers. PJ Sharon here with a fun gardening tip from IKEA of all places

Gardening Tip:
Article courtesy of TrueActivist.com. Learn how to build a spherical garden in 17 steps with this open source design provided by IKEA. The Swedish company has released open source plans for The Grow Room, which is a large, multi-tiered spherical garden that was designed to sustainably grow enough food to feed a neighborhood. The plans were recently made available for free with the hope that members of the public will invest their time and resources to create one in each neighborhood, if not in every person’s backyard. Find links to the downloadable plans, files, and more information about what it takes to build the perfect neighborhood garden, whether you live in the country, the suburbs, or the urban jungle.

Speaking of urban jungles, I’m thoroughly enjoying the research aspect of my latest work in progress. The fifth novella in my Savage Cinderella series (yet untitled) will be set in New York City, primarily in Brooklyn. Brinn’s roommate, friend, and fellow cop, Daniella Hernandez has returned to her old neighborhood to support her family through her father’s recent illness. Unfortunately, her return also unleashes complications from a past relationship that Dani barely escaped by changing her name and moving away three years earlier. Now, Brinn is called upon to use her skills to stalk the stalker who wouldn’t take Dani’s “no” for an answer. The trouble is that her stalker is a fellow cop and a superior at that. Unless they can catch the creepy predator red handed at his own game, Dani may never escape him this time.

I’ve been to New York City several times, and might I add that Google Earth is an author’s best friend when it comes to dropping in on places you aren’t intimately familiar with, but there’s nothing like immersing yourself in the culture of a place to really nail down the details. Fortunately for me, I have a step-son who lives in Brooklyn who has offered a close- up perspective on city life and a tour of the local haunts to bring some authenticity to the story.

Is there anything you can share about NYC living that is a must to add to the book? I’m looking forward to my next field trip!

In the meantime, the first four novellas, FINDING HOPE, LOST BOYS. SACRED GROUND, and the recently released BROKEN ANGEL, are available in both e-book and print. Visit my website for more information (links here). Don’t forget, the original novel, Holt Medallion-winner SAVAGE CINDERELLA is still available as a FREE Download. Enjoy Brinn’s journey from kidnap survivor to rookie cop, feral child to crime fighting heroine…each story leads Brinn one step closer to discovering her true self, realizing what she wants, and finding peace with the woman she has become.

Tune in on the third Monday of next month when I’ll give some tips on container gardening! Until then, stay warm, stay healthy, and don’t forget to snuggle up with a good book.

Peace and blessings,
 Thank you for visiting Mary's Garden, I can't wait until next month!


PJ Sharon said…
Great to be back, Mary. I loved this spherical neighborhood garden idea!
stanalei said…
Awesome garden concept, ladies. Congrats on the books, PJ.
PJ Sharon said…
It's such an forward thinking idea, isn't it? Leave it to the Swedes, lol. Thanks for stopping by!

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