2019 Plans Continued

Welcome to Mary's Garden. Before I move on to my 2019 plans, I believe there is a tradition on this blog, a tip for Gardens. Hmmm... I wonder why? Again I borrowed from the Teleflora Blog.

Give them ample sunlight
Keep in mind that plants get the nourishment they need to grow from the sun. Do your best to give your potted plants as much light as you can during the winter months. Plants left directly under windows get the most light, but if you need to put it elsewhere in the room, leave it by the back wall of the room. If you leave your plants in places of the room that get enough sunlight, you won’t have to worry about looking into artificial sources of light during the winter. During the winter, your southern-facing windows will get the most sunlight. In order to effectively follow the previous tip, it’s best to keep your plants directly under sunlight from the southern-facing windows.

2019 Plans
Last week I talked a bit about my plans with two of my fellow romance authors. I'm adding a little more now. Three Romance Authors and a Book Club. We are playing it all by ear and changing if needed, adding, we're listening to our readers. Please join us.
You can join here at Facebook.

And yes, I do have more plans. Next is for the locals of the Salt Lake Valley. Unless you want to visit for the weekend. Judy Baker (AKA Anna Sugg) and I will be hosting a wine tasting event. Book + Wine = Romance
There will be wine, tasting, and education about wine. There will be our books and education about them. Plus great bites to pair with the wine and books. Check out the details here.... Registration begins March 15, 2019. 

I'm sure I'll have more plans as I travel through 2019. In the past I have set resolutions. If have set goals. Or I have done nothing. This year I have decided to set no goals or resolutions. So you're thinking, she has done nothing before. Which is true, but this year I have determined to be positive. 

I am working on my first fantasy, it's a saga that spans from the beginning of time through modern day. It is in three parts. I'm working on Part III now and then it's editing and re-writes. I will have it done sometime this year. And I will be submitting it to DAW an imprint of Penguin. And yes I am positive that they will say yes. If you want to see a little glimpse of my characters I have a Pinterest board of characters for each part. 
Yes, in 2019 I am going to be positive. I am going to be grateful for my family, my friends, for the roof over my head. No more poor me. I am positive I am on my way to writing full time. Yes I may be retired by then, but I am positive it will happen. 

Happy New Year to all. I hope it is a wonderful one for you!


stanalei said…
Great positivity, Mary! Yay!

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