Why does it take me so long to write a book?

Welcome to the Garden! It's beautiful this time of year. It's so nice to sit out and enjoy the flowers and blooms in the evening. Sip on a glass of wine... That being said, grab some goodies from the table and of course pour a glass of your favorite beverage. Today I'm going to tell you WHY it takes me so long to write a book.

First, I work a day job 40 hours a week, and if that isn't enough I ride public transit because I HATE the thought of using a car we really don't need to pay insurance on, then have the wear and tear on the car only to SIT in a parking lot all day. At least I can read on the bus/Train.

I have a large family and a large circle of friends. I'm even friends with my critique partner's UPS man, who was at my house for a party on Saturday night. Anyway, between family, friends, life events, like concerts, library events (they are at least writing related), etc. etc. etc. I have to schedule a full day out of my life to write or I never would have time.

Here is a typical weekend for me. My daughter says I'm a nerd, so excuse my nerdiness!

And there you have it! My life... It's a good one though.


stanalei said…
Still... sounded like a fun weekend!

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