The Beckett Series Part Two

Welcome to the Garden. I'm excited to see a few new faces among the familiar ones. Please help yourself to a plate of goodies and of course your favorite beverage. I'm going to finish telling you a bit about the next two Beckett books, and end with the new one coming out April 1, 2017. It will be on pre-sale around the 15th of March, I will add the link when I have it.

You can read all about the first two books of the Beckett Series here... Disappear and Innocent. Today we have Quiet and Illusion.

The Beckett’s have a strong sense of family and honor. 
When one of their own is threatened, their bond is as strong as a badge of steel.

Quiet (Book III)
Christine Beckett’s dream of partnership in a prestigious New York City law firm has finally come to fruition. She has financial security, a loving family, and owns her home, why does she need a man?

Detective Solomon has worked with Tyler Beckett on several cases, he almost feels he is part of the Beckett clan. He considers them his good friends, except for Christine who seems to look down her professional nose at him.

Christine receives a threatening note and her townhouse echoes with mysterious cries in the night. That is when the handsome and irritating detective insists he temporarily move in to protect her. To add insult, it is with her family’s blessing.
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Illusion (Book IV - Utopia the Beginning)
Special Agent Reagan Beckett left Brooklyn for San Francisco ten years ago—and on bad terms with
her family. When the World Banking Association (WBA), one of the biggest worldwide financial institutions, is targeted by domestic terrorists, Reagan is called to join the team with two others in New York City. Now she would be home for an extended visit.

Special Agent Paco Luis Perez has heard of the legendary Tyler Beckett and looks forward to working with the man on the assignment in New York. However, when he reads Beckett’s dossier on his flight from D.C., he discovers the Beckett he expected to meet isn’t Tyler.

NYPD Detective Spencer Alexander Williams III, a member of the gang terrorist task force, reluctantly agrees to consult on the domestic terrorist case as the local liaison. He has never liked working with a team; he learns more on his own. But they need his uncanny knack to anticipate the gang’s movements.

As soon as Reagan receives information on the assignment, she researches her new partners. But does she know enough to literally trust these men with her life?​
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AND Coming APRIL 1, 2017!

Profit (Book V - Utopia the Conclusion)
Matt Beckett is the Chief Financial officer for World Banking Association (WBA). Over a year ago an agency known as the HEAD group tried to take over the WBA. Matt's sister, Reagan Beckett, a member of a Federal Special Task Force took out one of the key players, a serial killer known as the Headman. Now the founder of HEAD, Andrew Phillips, is back and ready to finish what he'd started with a new and dastardly key player from the Dark web.

Matt doesn’t have any desire to be involved in any cloak and dagger stuff. He’d rather leave that to the other law enforcement Beckett’s. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like he'll have a choice.

Bryn Connelly is the Chief Audit Executive also for the WBA. She had been one of the Headman's targets and thought her days of danger were over. However, she finds herself working with laid back Matt Beckett, much to her dismay.

Matt couldn’t be more delighted when Reagan informs him he'll be working the lovely Bryn. He’s been trying to catch her eye for five years, now. However, their sleuthing quickly lands them in a precarious position.

It’s up to Matt and Bryn to finish what Reagan and her team started, but can he win the lovely Bryn and save the day? Or will he lose her forever if the WBA falls into the wrong hands?

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I'm very excited for this book!


Melissa Keir said…
Sounds like some amazing reads! I wish you all the best!
stanalei said…
Looking forward to the release of the next book, Mary! Congratulations!
Mary Martinez said…
Thanks Melissa and Stanalei! I need all the luck I can get.
Helen Loyal said…
I've got my copy!! I can't wait to get started 😊
Pamela Devereux said…
I just got the copy. I can't wait to start reading this. Will leave reviews once I finished.
Mary Martinez said…
Thank you, Pamela and Helen. I hope you enjoy!

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