Ad Words or whatever they're called!

Welcome to the garden! It's been a little warm for winter 30 degrees instead of 5 degrees, for which I'm grateful. It is still too cold to sit outside, but I have the rose house reserved for our chat. Fill your plates with goodies, pour a warm beverage and find a seat Ready? Lets begin.

It is that time of year again, the time where I'm determined to figure out this concept everyone calls promotion. I do my social media, I have not one, but two blogs, a Facebook and Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest--I must admit I love this, Google plus, YouTube, LinkedIn and a few others I should keep up with but I don't. But yet I am still not getting my name out there or my books. My sales are the same no matter what I do.

So HELP me please. I keep hearing about people who have a thousand viewers on their YouTube videos, or 100's of like's on their Facebook page. Their Tweets (is that what they're called?) reach thousands on Twitter and I could go on and on. How do they do this? What is the trick?

Do they write full time?

Many people are like myself, they need to have that Day Job to pay the bills and write on the side. I struggle with all of it, it's overwhelming. I work 40 hours a week and sometimes more, I ride public transit to and from work, which is another almost two hours each day. Then there is dinner and by then it's 7 pm and time to make my lunch for the next day. It's not that you just need to write, but you need to edit, you need to blog, and do your social media.

Then let's bring in family. I have eleven grandchildren that all seem to participate in something, basketball, football, baseball, motocross (my girls), dance, soccer, and guitar... My husband sort of likes to spend time with me. And on top of that I have friends and book club.

As I said I go through this every year and I ponder on what to do. I come up with a plan, implement it. Seems to work for a bit and then I'm so busy it falls by the way side. I cannot afford an assistant, what do others in my position do? I have been hearing that AdWords are good ,that I should use them on my Web site, my YouTube, and other things. What exactly does that mean and what should I do?

Wait! I just Googled AdWords. It's some kind of advertisement. Not what I was talking about. Maybe
Tagwords? See I haven't a clue! Might I add that my promotion budget is a THIN shoestring...

If anyone has any insight on what or how to do this, please let me know!


Melissa Keir said…
I find the paid newsletter blasts are good at getting the book out in front of a variety of people. Places like EReader News Today and Book Blasty are just a few of the many different email places which get your book in front of their subscribers. You can email me for a list of the sites.

stanalei said…
Wishing you the best of luck, Mary. And when you find the magic formula, I love to know too. ;)
Mary Martinez said…
Melissa thank you for stopping by. I will be emailing you!

Stanalei, I will pass on anything I learn!
Judy Baker said…
I there with you Mary. What's the best way to get your name out there is a mystery to me. But, we keep trying. When I do find something that works it doesn't last long. I use to advertise with a magazine that gave me good results, then they closed!!!! Back to the grind.
Paris said…

I'm currently promoting my newest book and trying a few new things, like a paid newsletter blast and a blog tour. Fingers crossed, I hope this works. I did try to run a Facebook ad but my hero is bare-chested and that kind of nudity apparently just doesn't fly. I'm hoping for the best but I'm wondering if after all is said and done, what works for one book will work for others? Best of luck with your efforts!

Mary Martinez said…
Thanks Judy and Paris. It sounds like we're all trying for the best results. I think we should set up a FB closed group of authors to share their promotion ideas and help each. But that's just me.

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