Fall - Football

Welcome, everyone, to the garden. It's fall, so it's on the cool side. Fill up your plates with goodies, pour your favorite beverage and let's talk football! Do you like football? If so, are you a PRO football watcher? A NCAA football watcher? Or both? We fans of both.

I do a weekly score sheet for NCAA where I have to pick who will win, and I need to figure in the spread. I don't even know what the hell that means, which is probably why I don't do very well.

Then of course I play NFL Fantasy Football, and I have for years. Usually I don't do too bad, but this year all my players keep getting injured. What is up with that?

Then of course, the UTES of the PAC12. We've got season tickets and we tailgate every home game, rain or shine, hot or cold, freezing and snow. Since we live in Utah, there is a chance in the fall that you'll hit them all, rain, shine, wind, freezing, only to end with snow. We seasoned so we go prepared. Last week was a downpour. I was layered and never got wet or cold until the end.

Let me know what your interests are and if you have a fun story, I'd love to hear it.

Ute players that visit for FOOD!
Please share some of your memories of your favorite sport.


stanalei said…
Sorry for the Ute loss this week.:(

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