NYC one of my favorite places. Updated...

Welcome everyone. It's starting to get a little chilly in the garden. Fill your plates, pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage. I have some heaters strategically placed for warmth.

As I write this, my husband and I are in Brooklyn staying with our son. He lives in Fort Green. I love NYC and Brooklyn. If you have read any of my book you know a lot of them are set in Manhattan and/or Brooklyn.

Classic Murder: Mr. Romance is set in Manhattan, though story takes the reader many places.

 Three Bides and a Dress is also set in Manhattan.

The first four Beckett Series books are set in both Manhattan and Brooklyn. The 4th book Profit-- soon to be out-- is set in D.C. and the 6th book Abandoned is set in California. Both have visiting scenes in Brookkyn, of course.

 While we have been here I have taken several pictures of places my characters have been. Especially the Beckett's, Reagan. In Illusion she lives in our son's neighborhood and loves the local pub, Putnum's.

Last evening we were at dinner only a few blocks from the dumpster bombing. It was on 23rd, the bomb the found lare was on 27th and we were having dinner on 29th. As far as we can figure it went off around the time we were in a taxi leaving the city and crossing the bridge to Brookkyn. We didn't hear anything about it until awhile after we got home. We were very thankful no one was hurt. 

Today we are visiting the 9/11 memorial museum. If I can take some pictures I will add them this evening.

Take care.
Since I am on my tablet, i can't get the pictures to go where I want... LOL
these are from Manhattan.

Time Square 

Bryant Park 

Brooklyn The Beckett's home town.

Saturday farmer's market. 

 The park by Reagan's apartment.

Putnum's one of the Beckett's favorite places.

Bloody Mary at Putnum's

Reagan's small kitchen. 

9/11 Memorial Museum
First Cortland station (was the station for the towers, now rebuilt)

9/11 Memorial Museum and buildings around it. And the reflection pools.

It was very emotional. A lot of the exhibits prohibited photos so I could only take a few of them. 


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