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Welcome everyone to Mary's Garden Blog. Everyone knows what to do now, right? Yes, fill your plate with goodies and pour yourself your favorite beverage and find a seat and relax. For the past few weeks I have been doing an interactive story written post to post. Never Forgotten. During this I have asked for feedback to help guide me through the first part of the story. I believe I am off to a great start thanks to your help! The last post ended with this....

Helen drew in a breath. She remembered all too clearly what happened next.

“I pulled the door open with such hope. For several moments I didn’t understand what I was seeing, actually it was a long time before I understood. By this time it was ten at night, and yet the two men stood there with sun glasses on. All I could think of was Men in Black.”

The questions I asked last were:
Here is the Interactive part. Here's where you tell me which way to go.

After listening to everything about what happened that night, what happens?
1. Helen decides she can't allow Spencer to investigate.

2. Spencer decides he really can't follow up.

3. James and Helen hire Spencer to find Carla.

How will it go? Anyone have a guess?

The last suggestion was... "The logical choice would be to hire Spencer. But it could be a fun twist if they don't." Well you'll have to wait and see. I will post updates about the progress and maybe give you a brief teaser from time to time.

To read the first part of Never forgotten check here...
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stanalei said…
Best of luck with the story, Mary!

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