Potty Talk

Welcome! Today, you'll be very glad we're in a garden. Please visit the goody table, fill your plate and pour yourself a beverage. Settle in, we're going to be discussing a smelly subject.

At my day job, I'm the floor manager. This means, among my regular job duties, I take care of all the complaints for the 2nd floor. I make sure the right people are informed. I normally do not mind being the floor manager, it gets me out of the cubicle and to meetings. I get to crack a whip during the Great Shack out--this is the day we have an Earthquake evacuation drill.

However, my least favorite duty of being the floor manager is the complaints about the women's bathroom. I receive them on a daily basis. The sink doesn't drain, water is leaking by the handle of the toilet, the hand towel dispenser is broke. There is a spill of unknown origin on the floor, and the list goes on. But the most common is: The bathroom stinks. WELL HELLO it's a fucking bathroom.

Come to find out, there is some chemical that the cleaning crew is supposed to be pouring down the drain every day to help keep the ammonia smell away. For awhile (two days) I had no complaints. Then to my dismay the other day, I received a complaint that the cleaning detergent they are using in the bathroom stinks, really?

I give up, I cannot please everyone. What is your least favorite thing to do at your job? Whether it is stay-at-home mom or a CEO, there has to be something you'd like to have go away!


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