It's going to be hard, but someone has to do it!

Welcome to the garden. Grab some goodies off the table and pour your favorite beverages. It's hopefully warming up. Find a spot and relax.

Today I have to tell you what I have to do the next week. It's grueling, but someone really has to do it. I know you will all feel sorry for me when you find out what it is.

Today, April 29, 2016, I am embarking on a journey. It involves a long air flight (2 hours) and then a long drive (2 hours) and we arrive at our first destination. Calistoga. Yes, the northern end of the Napa Valley. We're visiting my husband's sister and her husband. While we're there we'll be forced to visit various wineries, maybe golf, and heaven forbid my sister-in-law and me may go for massages.

After a day or two of this torture we're going on a side trip to Mendocino. Where of course, the torment will continue. Long walks along the beach, good food, and more wine.

And when we can no longer stand all this agony. We'll take off to my other sister-in-law's home in Forest Ranch, a quiet little town where we'll have the misery of peace and relaxation. Until that is, we'll have to pick ourselves up out of our easy chairs for Cinco-De-Mayo when we will be forced to journey to Chico and endure the Thursday Nite Market in the streets with music, etc.

Friday we'll have to suffer through a trip to the Sierra Nevada Brewery for a tour and lunch. On Saturday the family will be gathering for a BBQ and to view, on the big screen, the Kentucky Derby, almost the worst tribulation.

The worst thing of all though is... NO DAY JOB!

Somehow, someway, we will do our best to manage the next nine days. I will post some pictures on my Facebook page through out the torture.


stanalei said…
LOL. Enjoy your "hardships" anyway. Challenges make character! :)

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