Hold on to your hats, it's book signing week!

Welcome to the garden. Please help yourself to the appetizers, they're left over from the University of Utah Red and White game last Saturday. The ultimate tailgating contest was appetizers so you're in for a real treat! And of course we have Mimosas. Treat yourselves and settle in. If you do not know what goes into a book signing, your'e about to learn. You're going to help me with my check list for a book signing!

A couple of weeks ago my first middle grade/young adult book come out. History Mysteries. I blogged about it at the time. Check out that blog for details about the journey.

Now it's time for our book signing, is everything ready? Let's go over my
check list.
1. Set date and get venue. Check.
2. Press release. Six weeks prior to the event. Check (along with a reminder two weeks before.)
A. Make sure all the information is correct. I use a template and just change the information. All looks good and sent off. CHECK.
a. Too bad I left the last event address. Sigh.
3. Take pre-orders so you have enough books for the signing. Check
4. Order books to get here prior to the book signing. Order a few extra for those who forget to pre-order. Check
A. After it's too late to order, several people say... OH, I want a book. Sigh.
5. Set up sale (on Amazon) June 1, to June 8, 2016. Check.
6. Schedule blog post for the week. Doing now.
7. Send out news letter. Coming up next.
8. Books arrive.
A. Sort. Put stickies on all pre-ordered books.
9. Night before books signing:
A. Gather everything and pack in box.
a. Sorted books.
b. Table cloth for table.
c. Pens for signing.
d. Author stickers (signed by author).
e. Business cards.
f. Candy, or goodies for table.
10. Everything ready.
11. Night of the signing. Relax and have fun!

History Mysteries Signing
April 27, 2016
Nonna's Pizzeria 6 to 9 pm 8979 W 2700 S, Magna, Utah 84044

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History Mysteries by Mary Martinez

History Mysteries

by Mary Martinez

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