Remember the old 1970 safety release ski bindings?

Welcome to the garden. It's spring and it's finally warm and we can sit out and enjoy the sun. Fill your plates with goodies, and pour yourself a beverage. I have a story for you.

One of our many grandsons likes to ski, among a bunch of other stuff, and this morning was his last lesson of the year. We got up early to go to Brighton Ski Resort. What a beautiful day, still we dressed warm and I took my boots in case. When we got there they were directing traffic to park and the lot didn't look snowy. I decided I didn't have to change into my snow boots. Remember that tidbit for later...

As we drove in, memories struck. It's been years since I've been to Brighton. If you lived in a state or country that had skiing, did you have those kids who were skiers, you know the ones who ditched school and the next day they had bright red faces? By the end of the ski season they had brown leather ski face? Well that was me. Yeah nobody used sun screen back then. Well Mom always asked, have you put some sun tan lotion on? (you know that's what it was called back in the day, Coppertone, the ad had the dog pulling down the swimsuit of the little girl.) Of course I always told her yes, and I didn't. And me being Irish, I have paid the price of no sun screen.

Anyway, I finally get to the post subject. Do you remember, if you are even old enough to remember, the safety release ski bindings? I had the metal step in toe. But there was a strap or something, if I remember correctly that attached to your boot so if you bit it and your ski's popped off it wouldn't go rocketing down the hill. Which is a good thing for me, I would have lost a ski more times than I would like to count.

I could tell you lots of ski stories but one sticks out in my mind. And unfortunately, my grandson (another one, I have a gazillion) has been leery of ski lifts ever since I told him about it. Anyway, I was skiing with friends and I thought I was secure in my skis. We were on the lift and at that time (maybe they still do) they had a big rope net attached at the end of the lift right before the chair went over where you skied off. Well, I always wondered what it was for, that day I found out. My ski binding unlatched and dangled and as I went over the net, the tip of my ski caught and flung me out of the chair. Luckily I landed on the ledge where everyone ski's off. I was so embarrassed--didn't matter that my knee was on fire, the guy at the booth was HOT and he had to stop the lift and untangle my ski and help me up. Then they wanted to call the ski patrol to take me down on a ski toboggan. "No way!" I said. So I skied down, and of course to this day I have a bad knee.

Today however, we were just were there for the breakfast in the lodge and to watch our grandson. So, no injuries, right? NOT! I am nothing if I'm not a klutz. Remember back in the beginning where I said I didn't change into my boots? I had sneakers on, My husband went down the hill instead of going through the ski shop. I took a step on the snow and realized it was pure ICE. I turned to go back in. I told my husband, "I think I better find another way out." And of course before I made it to safety my feet went out from under me, my coffee went flying along with my sun glasses and I landed on my ASS! No more coffee and my glasses broke. I jumped up like I meant to do it, but man do I have a sore tail bone tonight.

Just for entertainment purposes, here is a funny ski blooper video. I've actually run over someone before like in this. LOL.

Do you have any ski stories to share? Or maybe a memory that comes to mind from your youth, or when you do something with you kids/grandkids and you think "I remember when..." I'd love to hear your stories.

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