Got Opinion?

Welcome! It's finally spring in the garden. Settle in with some goodies and a lovely beverage and let's begin.

If you noticed the subject line I need your opinion. Here's the deal, I write, maybe you've noticed. Like all author's I go to conferences and workshops, etc. And since I want to sell books I am always interested in marketing and promotion. The problem is... Every instructor tells you something different, with the exception of Brand and/or name recognition.

Of course, I've done that. I think. I have my button and my name recognition, Mary Martinez Mary's Garden where imagination blooms. but I get bored easily and I like to change things up. To
help me with this small little problem, I figure a garden has to change seasons, right? I change my banner with the seasons. Still has the same forward layer, it's just the background that changes. Luckily, Sheri McGathy is my cover artist and she does my banner also, she helps me fix my habit of change.

But that is not what I need your opinion on. Here is where the workshops differ. I need to know your thoughts on the following:
1. As a reader (even if your an author) what do you like to see in a blog? Posts about what interests the author? Character Interviews? Interviews with other authors? or Reviews on books?

2. When you go to a blog, can you tell the difference between Blogger vs. WordPress? And do you prefer one over the other?

3. Social Media, like Facebook, Twitter, etc. What do you want to see from an author? What would prompt you to buy one of their books? Posts about the author only, would this interest you enough to check out their Web site? Maybe a combination of posts on their books and personal posts?

4. What is the number one thing that an author can do to entice you to buy one of their books?

Or is it what I've come to believe: You have to be born under a lucky star, on St. Patrick's day, the planets, galaxies, and the constellations all have to be in alignment for an author to be successful--if they wrote a great book.

Any thoughts or opinions are very welcome!


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