Happy Holidays!

She has wond the Winter Giveaway!

Welcome to the Garden, if you look out the window of the Rose House you can see the winter wonderland. Please help yourselves to the holiday goodies on the table. It's just a mix and mingle today. No interviews or words of wisdom from anyone.

I would like to wish everyone a happy holiday, no matter what you celebrate. And if you do not celebrate, then have a wonderful new year. I hope everyone's dreams and wishes come true in 2016.

My wish would be that I could give every one of my fans a gift for Christmas, alas, I cannot. However, I do have a Holiday Giveaway Drawing anyone can enter. There is NO contest. The only thing you need to do is email me and say Winter Holiday in the subject --or something close to that. And then ask me to put you in the drawing. I will do my best to look through comments on the blog and posts on other social media, but if you'd like to be sure your name is in the drawing the best way is to email me. [mary L martinez 3 AT gmail dot com] no spaces. Or you can email me through my contact page. I will draw a lucky winner on 1/1/2016!

And what will you win if your name is drawn? This Beckett Christmas basket. It contains: the first four books (signed) of the series, Disappear, Innocent, Quiet, and Illusion. A bottle of Presecco (Italian sparking wine), and two Becket flutes and of course some chocolate.

Good luck everyone.
Happy holidays!


stanalei said…
Merry Christmas, Mary!! Have a wonder New Year too!
tracie2667 said…
Thank you so much
Mary Martinez said…
You're more than welcome, Tracie, I hope you enjoy!

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