Welcome everyone! I'm going to share our adventures in London. We had a great time. So fill your plates and find a seat and lets begin. Don't forget the Trivia Contest, you have until Monday 8/31/15!

The first week of our trip we were in London and walked and we walked! We actually walked 31,035 steps one day. That is 14.25 miles. I'm sure you don't want to really listen you want to see pictures, right? Well here you go, the highlights of London.
Yes while I was there, I was trapped in a phone booth!
Big Ben

Abbey Road - yea I look like a dork!
I hope you enjoyed a bit of our trip!


stanalei said…
Awesome pictures, Mary. Thanks for sharing them with us. So glad you're home safe and sound.
Looks like a fabulous trip! I loved London, as well. Sure hope I get a chance to get back there!

Mary Martinez said…
I hope you do too, Jodee! It was fun.

Stanalei, thank you for dropping by.

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