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Welcome everyone, we are lucky to have Judy Baker, or I guess this series is under her mysterious name Anna Sugg, here to tell us about her new book. The garden is still cool, but the weather is beautiful. Pile some goodies on your plate, pour your favorite beverage, and find a heater to sit by. Shall we begin?

Thank you Mary for having me as your guest. I’m excited to talk about my new release coming on March 29, 2015, the third book of my Yellow Creek novels, Spirit Catcher.

Some of you know I was born and raised in the south, but now, have lived most of my life in the west. After marrying a cowboy in Nevada, who turned city slicker, we now live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I love the west, but will always be a southern, country girl at heart.

In 2011 my family and I took a trip to Tennessee to visit my relatives. While there we drove to a quaint little farming community called, Yellow Creek, where my mother grew up on a tobacco farm. I spent much of my youth running around the farm, chasing chickens, swinging on the front porch while the summer rains poured down on the tin roof of the old farmhouse, trekking through the woods during the autumn, looking for the perfect Christmas tree in the winter, and even, skinny-dipping in the creek during the summers. Oh, so many wonderful memories. Oops, I digressed.

While visiting Tennessee, we drove through Yellow Creek. Nothing had changed. It’s still a small farming community with fewer residents. Anyway, I was shocked to see my grandparents’ farmhouse still standing. The land had been sold years before, but not developed. I took a walk through the old farmhouse and an amazing thing happened. I felt my grandmother’s presence. The emotions I felt were so deep that I didn’t want to forget what I felt and experience, so I wrote it all down. Hence, my first Yellow Creek Novel, Secret Past, which led to the second novel, Ghost Thunder, and now Yellow Creek’s third novel, Spirit Catcher.

Spirit Catcher blurb:
From the moment Charlotte Jane Matheson hangs the ancient Dream Catcher on the wall over her bed, she has weird dreams. Determined to find out the meaning of her dreams, she travels to the small community of Yellow Creek, Tennessee. While there, she meets an old Cherokee Indian, a dog that suddenly appears out of the dark woods, and a good-looking farmer-wannabe. Then, her dreams stop, but unexplainable visions draw her into the past through a circle of light.

The shocking vision of her mother, who’s been missing for years, has to mean something when she leads her to a cave beyond the Cherokee burial grounds. Is the old Indian a true Cherokee, or a witch? Can he help her understand her visions and their meanings?

How is a missing employee connected to her property in Yellow Creek? And, why is the mysterious, farmer-wannabe always in the right place to help when she’s in need? What does he want from her? What does it all mean?

Spirit Catcher, Available March 29, 2015
To celebrate Spirit Catcher. I’m giving away a Dream Catcher in a March drawing. Go to:
http://anna_sugg.coffeecup.com/Contests.html and send in your name.

To see Yellow Creek’s old farmhouse, watch my video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WK6jyDpeKk

Thank you Mary for giving me a chance to tell your followers about Spirit Catcher and how it has a special place in my heart. Author Page: http://amazon.com/author/annasugg


Judy Baker said…
Thank you Mary for letting me visit your blog and share my new release coming up at the end of the month.
stanalei said…
The story sounds absolutely fascinating, Judy. I'm looking forward to reading it. Best of luck with the release!

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