I was going to finish watching the New England vs. Indianapolis game. However, it pretty much was over from the beginning. Anyway, welcome. It's been very spring like weather here. I still have heater's around, just in case. Fill your plate and grab a beverage, then a seat and we'll get started.

I want to talk reviews. I sell books, not as many as I'd like, but some. Way more than reviews I receive. So then I wonder, do my books suck? But the few reviews I've received are, on the majority, good. I've always heard not to have your friends or family give reviews because... I can't remember the exact reason why that's not good. But still some of my friends and family have given me a good review. But most of my reviews are from people I do not know.

Lately, I've noticed a few authors on various social media doing giveaways for reviews. If you give them a review you are placed in a drawing for a basket, or whatever. Is this the way to go? I want an honest review, and granted you hope people give you an honest review even if they do want to win the basket. BUT how do you really know if it is?

I figure if my books sucked, the reviews would all be bad. But they're not. How do you get your readers to give a review?

I've had GoodReads Giveaway's and out of the ten or so books given away only two people, that I'm aware of, have given me a review. Not great reviews, though not terrible ones. I don't know what to do. I've done contests, in hopes people will win my book and give me a review, but to no avail. Is a giveaway the only way to get a review? If it is, I'll try it, but I can't give something away every month in order to get one or two reviews.

But then after saying all that. I want people to give me a review because they liked/loved my book and want to give me one. What do you do? Anything special?


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