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Welcome everyone, you know the drill, fill your plate with goodies, grab a drink, and then find a seat. It's very nice in the garden this time of year, so relax and enjoy!

I'd like to start a discussion on what you use as marketing materials to pass out. I've already discussed the promotion via social media, etc. I'd like to know what you leave around town. Do you still make book marks? Do you use pens, business cards, or magnets.

Since so many people use tablets I have stopped doing book marks. I have placed magnet business cards and post cards around in coffee shops and restaurants. I find the bookstores will not set them out unless you're having a book signing. However, I'm finding it increasingly difficult to set up book signings in bookstores, major chain or indie bookstores. I also donate baskets to charities or fundraisers. I will put one or two of my books in a basket along with some other goodies, coffee mug, and coffee, or wine and a wine glass. I figure it's a tax write off, and you get your name out there.

I use Vistaprint for my business cards, coffee mugs, postcards, and I've even purchased a bag with my books on them. Not to mention a tee shirt...

Business Cards

What works for you? Where do you buy your promotional items?


stanalei said…
I think I want to try a coffee mug when get my Northstar series published.
Thanks for your thoughts on this, Mary.
Mary Martinez said…
I love the coffee mug, I'm ordering some more.

Good luck!

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