It's release day for Four Sisters!

Welcome everyone! Today is the first day of six days of trivia fun. One event, four places to find four different questions each day. A possible 48 points plus bonus points for 1960's stories!

The first trivia questions for the garden is:
Who delivered the well-known speech "I Have A Dream" in August of 1963?

Remember if you share a 1960's story (can be yours, parents, friends, etc.) here at the blog you will receive 2 bonus points.

Remember to follow the links below for more questions and a chance for points.

Four Sisters:
The early sixties was a time of making love, not war. Kathleen finds love and starts a war with her family.

Four Sisters is a story rich in the relationships of Kathleen Williams' life. Kathleen discovers her sexuality in the sixties. She's different from other girls her age and afraid her sisters, especially her closest sister, Deborah, will never understand.

When Kathleen reveals her love for a woman, her worst fears are realized—she’s banished from her home and family.

Forty odd years later, Kathleen is diagnosed with a terminal illness. Susan, her lifelong partner, encourages her to make peace with her family. Kathleen's journey, now, includes rebuilding her relationship with her sisters and parents, as well as the battle of her life. Her only chance for peace is to find acceptance.

Available Now! On Kindle.
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There will be a release party from 7-11-14 through 7-16-14 at: Mary's Garden Blog
Mary's Author Facebook Page,
and Twitter - Watch for #Foursisters.
Every day there will be a trivia question. (Different on each site.)

Each correct answer will be two points.
A partially correct answer will be one point.
And a wrong answer is a .5 point.
(Answer on all sites for more chances for points!)

At the end of the week the points from all sites will be tallied and the grand prize winner with the most overall points will win their choice of a tie-dyed shirt or $25 donated to their favorite Cancer charity.

The runner-up will win their choice of a Beatles poster or $10 donated to their Cancer charity.

It all begins Friday the 11th at 7 a.m. US MT.
Answers, and winners will be posted on all sites on July 19th by noon.


Mary Preston said…
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Mary Preston said…
Try that again - forgot my email.

ANSWER: Martin Luther King, Jr.

Mary Preston said…
I can remember seeing snippets of the Vietnam War on television. It didn't have a huge impact on me as a child. I did however have teenage sisters who wailed when there favorite pop stars were drafted to go over & fight.

I can also remember watching my sisters dress up for the local Saturday night dances. Dresses so short that if they lifted their arms you could see knickers. Big plastic earrings to match the outfits. My sisters would sew their own dresses. With their clothing allowance they bought material. Saturday was always spent pulling apart clothes, finding the perfect matching fabric to make new ones. It was a whirlwind. Each week a "new" outfit.

Mary Martinez said…
Welcome Mary, thanks for dropping by.

I loved your story about you and your sisters! Thank you for sharing.

The answers to the trivia will be posted along with the winners on Saturday!
bn100 said…
Martin Luther King, Jr.

bn100candg at hotmail dot com
bn100 said…
A friend mentioned how she felt when she heard of JFK's death

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

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