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Welcome to the continuing Writing Process Blog Tour where each author answers the same four questions about their writing process. I was invited to this blog by Marie Higgins http://mariehiggins84302.blogspot.com

What am I working on?
Currently I'm working on book four of The Beckett Series. This is Reagan Beckett's story, she's the black sheep of the family. Here is a blurb for Illusion:

When the Chief Financial Officer of the World Bank Group (WBG) is found dead in his Paris apartment, it’s a concern. But when the Chief Administration Officer of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, another WBG agency, is murdered on vacation, in the same fashion, it’s time to call in the FBI’s special terrorist task force.

Special Agent Reagan Beckett specializes in terrorists focused on shipping and financial backing, two major threats to the west coast. When a new threat looked toward one of the biggest worldwide financial institutions, she was the logical person for the team.

Reagan’s New York task force team includes a new partner, Paco Luis Perez from D.C., and FBI Special Agent, Spencer Alexander Williams III, advising as the local liaison. To work undercover with these two men, Reagan knows she’ll have to trust them with her life. Her preliminary research indicates both men have excellent records, accommodations to be proud of, and seemingly nothing to cause her much worry. Even Perez’s hot temper might come in handy, while Williams III’s arrogance and powerful Wall Street family could prove useful in tracking down the terrorist.

But Reagan knows one thing—when a terrorist is involved, most likely, there is someone on the inside. Before she can find the threat, she needs help figuring out whom to trust.

Ten years ago Reagan left Brooklyn, and not under the best circumstances. Regardless of the strained relationship with her family, she turns to the only people she can count on for support in her quest to determine which man she can literally trust with her life and to bring down the terrorists.

You can check out the first three books of The Beckett Series here...
Maybe I will. Check out the trailer for the series:

How does my work differ from others of its genre?
I'm not sure how different my work is. It's suspense with a bit of romance, some books have more than others. Most suspense books I've read have some kind of romantic elements. I do not stick to one way or another. Most of my stories are plot driven, not romance driven. However, in my Beckett series they all have a happily ever after ending, for now. However this new book coming, Illusion, may not. You just never know. The Beckett's are a family in Brooklyn. The children affectionately call their parents The Elders. There are six siblings, so I still have two more siblings that need stories. Of course, I could do a story for The Elders.

Why do I write what I do?
I write women's fiction and suspense, both genre's I love to read. I very seldom read straight romance, unless it's RaeAnne Thayne or Brenda Novak. Now Brenda, writes suspense too, but both of those author's are on my automatic buy list. So that's why I write women's fiction and suspense, because why would I write something I don't like?

How does your writing process work?
My process? Two things... Write whenever I get a chance. And write by the seat of my pants. I'm what you call a pantser. I have a general idea of what the plot is, but until I start writing I don't know how it is going to end. In fact, I usually have a blurb at the beginning, but by the end I can't use it because it's so different.

I have tried to plot out a story, chapter by chapter. It's still in a drawer. And will probably stay there. LOL.

Thank you for stopping by my blog! If you're an author, I'd love for you to leave me a comment and tell me about your writing process. If you're not an author, please still comment and ask me any question you'd like.

I have tagged Stanalei Fletcher to be next to let us know about her process. She'll be posting on May 15th. www.stanaleifletcher.com/blog/

I have also tagged Annie Adams, she will be sharing her process at a date TBA.  www.annieadamstheauthor.com/


stanalei said…
Loved getting to know more about your writing process, Mary. I'll share my on this blog hop next month. Best of luck with the new story!
Mary Martinez said…
Can't wait to see your process, probably totally different than mine. Thanks I need a lot of luck!

Thank you for dropping by!
Judy Baker said…
Good post...I think we all have a room or closet that needs attention. Good luck in your writing process.

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