I haven't had a good ramble for a long time. I decided I needed one. I work the full-time day job. I had my dream job for about six years; writing and watching grandkids. I never thought I would return to work. Well... Life happens, what can I say. Here I am, working full time. I take public transit, there is another couple of hours out of my day. Then it's home, dinner, and time to write or edit? I wish. Usually by then I'm ready to veg, because I'm brain dead.

Another reason I do not have editing/writing time in the evening, I found out that being gone all day and then locking myself in the office is not conducive to a healthy family life. I do what I can do. If I have free time during the week I grab with both hands and run!

This weekend I had an entire day to edit and finish my long awaited (by me anyway) Four Sisters. Did I accomplish a lot? Did I finish it? NO! I used that free day to do something I've been dreading for years. No, I'm not exaggerating. You know that closet that you open and can't find anything, and you think I really need to clean this out, it hasn't been cleaned since the kids were here shoving everything in it and you shut it and think, later...

I had not one, but several closets, and a junk room in the basement that needed our attention. In our neighborhood we have a day every spring, where the county brings in dumpsters--clean up day! Our's is coming Tuesday. My husband was ready and willing to help clean out those dreaded collectors of stuff we did not need! I was NOT going to pass up the opportunity. Because just looking in them was overwhelming to think of doing by myself. We have boxes and bags for Goodwill and bags filled with garbage and bags filled with shredded paper ready for the dumpster.

It's done now and it feels great. And I won't have to think about it again for another hundred years. I figure my kids can clean it out next after I'm gone. Although, I did find some photo's of a surprise birthday party my husband threw for me, a long time ago. It was a Toga party. And he had hired two strippers. Need I say more? No, there was nothing going on illegal, none of the guests were naked or anything... Just stop thinking like that. Still, I'm not sure I want the kids and/or grandkids finding them. LOL. Yeah, they're hidden.

Anyway, the moral of this ramble is the fact that yes, I did pass up a very precious editing/writing day. But sometimes doing some bonding with your husband--even if it is cleaning--is more important than spending the day editing/writing. There will be other days. And Four Sisters will still be release in June. Have a great and wonderful week!


I can't wait to read the book " four sisters". Looks amazing! When does it release.
Mary Martinez said…
Hi Deborah,
Thanks for dropping by. Four Sisters is set to release at the end of June, barring any unforeseen editing snafu's.

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