Romance is in the air Valentine Party

Welcome to Mary's Garden! It's Valentine's week and there is romance everywhere. To celebrate I've invited a few of my author's to join me in a party, and it's all about romance and love. Think of your favorite love stories, movies, or true experience. Please post because we'd all love to hear!

In honor of the romance of the holiday I have a free read. I have the link to the story at the bottom of this post. Before you get to the bottom though, find out how you can win this fabulous gift basket (Approx. $50)
Marie Higgins: Download of Crazy for You and $5 GC to Amazon
Amy Durham: Download of Dusk and $5 GC (your choice Kindle and Nook)
Mary Martinez: Download of Honky Tonk and $5 GC to Starbucks
Sheri McGathy: Signed Print book Elfen Gold (Please note the paper copy only applies to within the USA. If you live outside of the United States, you will receive a pdf. copy of Elfen Gold in your e-mail.)
Judy Baker: Download of Better She Die and a $5 GC to Amazon

How can you win? You need to answer the five questions listed below. There is a link to where you can find the answer. Email your answers to one of the five participating authors. Deadline 2/14/14 midnight. Winner will be announced along with all of the answers on all blogs on 2/15/14. Good luck.

1. What does Nerys do to free herself from Gerard's grasp? Find answer
2. Mary's wedding wasn't your typical wedding, where was it? Find answer
3. What is Eli's father's name and where is he at? Find Answer
4. Where did Amy and her husband get engaged? Find Answer
5. In the Silver Sage Creek series, Sam Coulson, the Comanche half-breed, had an Indian name. What is it? Find Answer

We'd love for you to comment and tell us your most romantic story, or what your favorite Valentine movie, or song. Happy Valentine's day! No, I didn't forget! Here is the link to my story. Thank you for participating.


Lu Ann Worley said…
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Lu Ann Worley said…
My most romantic story would take way too long. My favorite romantic movie is 'ShowBoat' with Howard Keele & Kathryn Grayson
Mary Martinez said…
I will have to check out ShowBoat, I love a good romantic movie.

Thank you for participating and of course you'll have a chance at the awesome basket.
Lisa Cox said…
I'm not sure if our story would be considered romantic or not, and it's rather convoluted, so I just say that I have a few favorite romantic movies. Sliding Doors with Gwyneth Paltrow, While You Were Sleeping with Sandra Bullock, and The Princess Bride, of course.
Mary Martinez said…
I love While you were Sleeping. Another one I love with Sandra in it is The Proposal with Ryan Reynolds. I have to check out Sliding Doors.

Thanks for participating.
rfgainey said…
Love the theme of the blog tour! Wish I could participate. Facing an editorial deadline and glued to my keyboard!!!
Jennifer Mathis said…
i love the lucky one
Mary Martinez said…
rfgainey, sorry about the deadline, or congratulations you have one!

Jennifer, I haven't heard of The Lucky ones, I'll have to check it out!

Thanks for dropping by.
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