Share your secrets!

When I say secrets I don't mean your deep dark secrets you don't want anyone to know. I mean your secrets of successful writing and/or editing through the holiday season. There are very few authors I know who have the luxury to stay home and write full time. Even those who do, when it comes to the holiday's are challenged to find time.

I, as many of my contemporaries, have a day job. I have trouble finding a quiet and peaceful time to write at the best of times. Or should I say, a long enough time slot to actually write or edit. Sure I can find five to ten minutes here and five to ten minutes there, but I can't get into my scene or my characters heads to do that. I need at least a good solid hour or more.

Now, here come the holidays! Along with the holidays there are family gatherings, friend gatherings, shopping, cleaning, and etc. etc. etc. to do... And I'm supposed to write and/or edit. When?

Oh, and I don't know why, but all my appliances have decided to go out. But that's another post.

What I've done, and maybe some die hard writers out there will think I'm wrong; but I've given up trying to force the issue on week nights. If my husband is watching sports, my lunch is made for the next day, dishes done, and I have an hour to spare... Bonus. Otherwise I am setting three to four hours aside on the weekend, doesn't matter when but a block (large chunk) of time to write. And sure sometimes it doesn't work out, but so far I have had good luck. So I'm a happy camper. We'll see how it holds up through the rest of the season.

Now I'd like to hear your secrets for finding time for quality writing or editing through the holiday's, or any time. Please share!


stanalei said…
Hey Mary, I like your plan. I have no secret for getting the writing in, except to stick to my schedule as best I can. Unfortunately, is this not only the holiday season, but the busiest time for the day job too. I just have to promise myself to not become discouraged when I can't get it all in. Take care and enjoy the season!
Mary Martinez said…
That's the best way. If you can't do the writing or editing because family, work, and life gets in the way you can't beat yourself up over it. That's why if I do anything during the week bonus. On the week end I do my best to get in as much time as possible. Even then... If I don't get a lot of time I enjoy what time I do find.
Have a good season yourself!

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