2013 Author Challenge Final Check in!

Welcome back to Mary's Garden. We at the end of 2013 Author Challenge. How did we do for the year?
Marie Sterbenz
Ok while I have not lost any weight since our last check-in I haven't gained any either. Not what I wanted to have accomplished by now. 2014 will give us all a chance to do much better. I have decided to keep a positive attitude and tell myself "you can do it if you put your mind to it." I'll let you all know how that works for me.

Judy Baker
With all the great whiffs of baked goodies floating through the air, and aroma of turkey, ham, and prime rib baking in the oven, I'm sure I've put on weight. The entire year for me was a disaster as far as working out and eating. I didn't gain any weight through the year because of shingle pain for almost ten months, but when October rolled around and the pain subsided, I started eating and haven't stopped. Now, I'm in trouble. Oh well, at least I'm over the shingles - thank God.

This coming New Year, I'm looking forward to working at feeling good, whether it's eating right and becoming active. Right now, it's one day at a time.

I wish you all the best in your writing career this New Year, as well as feeling healthy and happy in all that you want to accomplish throughout the year. I'm on board for 2014. This year I intend to feel healthy and great.

Annie Whittaker
I have gained 3 lbs. I did have a nagging (still nagging) foot injury which I used as an excuse not to exercise, but I still could have ridden the bike! With the move to the new house etc., life has been extra busy. I did a month without Coke from August to September, and I didn't really lose more than maybe a pound by doing that, but I did see some other health benefits like loss of the itchy skin that was turning into full body rashes every night.

P.S. My husband and I both lost weight immediately after cleaning out our old house and moving everything into storage. Now THAT was some exercise! I wouldn't recommend a couch moving exercise program though!

Oh well, onward and upward. I WILL lose at least 10 pounds in 2014 and become more healthy overall.

Melissa Mayhue
Was the reminder email as much of a shock to everyone else as it was to me??? What happened to all those months I had to lose extra pounds??? Yeah, I had absolutely planned to do better at hitting my goals than I did. :-) I lost a total of six pounds. And then, with the help of the holidays and the excuse of cold weather, I put three back on. So, my grand total for our 2013 Author's Challenge is a 'whopping' 3 pounds. [That noise you hear in the background? That's me rationalizing that at least I'm DOWN three and not UP three!!!!] Though I did manage to get through publishing two books at the end of the year - WARRIOR UNTAMED with my publisher and TAKE A CHANCE on my own as my very first self-published book in the new-to-me Contemporary genre [and the first in my brand new Chance, Colorado series]... so, hey! I'm going to throw 'stress' in there as another excuse for having done so poorly!! ;-)

But you know what? 2014 is waiting on the other side of the door, all fresh and shiny with possibility, so I'm still hoping - no, PLANNING! - to take some more weight off! I'm also planning to release three books in 2014... so looks like I'd better learn how to tame both the 'lack of time' and the 'stress' beasts!!

I'm going for ten pounds for 2014.  :-) Best of luck to all of us in the New Year!!

Stanalei Fletcher
Thanks for your updates to remind me to chime in. I stayed pretty much the same all year long, until this month when I finally decided enough. I've lost 5lbs and I'm going to stick with that, because now I've had my Christmas dinners, I'm afraid to weigh myself. But this new change for me has been much easier to keep to and I'm expecting great results after the holiday snacking is over.

Thanks Mary for putting this out there and if you have another for 2014 I'll play!

Hope you all had a wonderful, magical Christmas and fun expectations for the New Year!

Mary Martinez
Melissa, I'm VERY shocked and I sent the dang email. That noise you now hear in the background is me along with Melissa rationalizing that at least I have NOT gained all the 11 pounds I lost back. The last time I weighed I'd gained it all back but 3.2 lbs. BUT I always weigh once a week on Sunday--some weird ritual, so I had hoped when I weighed Sunday I hadn't gained even more after last week!

Sunday came and went, and I forgot to weigh in. Yeah, I think it was a mental block because I know that 3.2 dwindled, but now I have no way to prove it, so I'm sticking with that!

Everyone congratulations on all of your accomplishments, weight loss, and new adventures. Judy I'm glad you're no longer sick with those Shingles.

In 2014, I want to get the 4th book of my Beckett Series out. It's slow with a day job. But I least I like my job. And I'd really like to lose 11 - 15 lbs and KEEP them off.

So I challenge all of us again! Whether it is keeping your weight stable, exercising more, or losing weight, let's see if we can help each other! I know we're all busy, so let's do it a bit different this year.

We'll check in quarterly with an update. With tips of how we are losing or tips on our exercise plan. Updates on our writing, with links, or even a favorite low cal recipe. Deal?

Everyone who would like to follow our progress throughout the year, here are dates we'll have a check in post:
April 1st 
June 30th
Sept. 29th
Dec. 29th 
A little extra motivation. (It doesn't hurt he's hot!)

Thanks for joining me everyone, and keeping me in check! See you all in the Garden in April!


Judy Baker said…
I'm on board for 2014. This year I intend to feel healthy and great. Thanks for the challenge, Mary.
Melissa Mayhue said…
My thanks to Mary and the other lovely authors participating in the Challenge. Though I ended up only hitting 30 percent of my weight loss goal in 2013, I have high hopes for the coming year. I'm in for 2014 - Still chasing that magic Ten Pound Goal!!
stanalei said…
Thanks for sticking with us, Mary. Looking forward to better results for 2014!

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