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My last post was about conferences. I'm still looking for one in 2014. My critique partner and I are working on it together. We have a long list of west coast conferences, a few others thrown in, and we're working on shaving it down to 10 each. Then we're sending each other our list. I'll go over her 10 and dwindle it down to 5, and she'll do the same to mine and so forth until we have a conference that meets both our needs. FYI--We are still open to recommendations/suggestions.

That being said I'm at a loss to what to ramble about this week. Every subject I think of has been beat to a pulp around the blog circuit.

How do you promote?
What social media is best for promotion?
How do you write, are you a plotter or a panster?

And the list goes on. You can't tell me you haven't read at least TWO blog posts on each of the topics or something very similar. How does a person come up with a blog post that fresh and interesting? I have two blogs, yikes! However, my other blog is about cooking. I love to cook and play with recipes. I used to blog about that here at the Garden. But people who want to read about writing, read author interviews, or anything else to do with writing do not necessarily want to read about cooking. And of course, vise versa. So....

What should I post about? Beats the pants off of me. Football anyone?


Allyn Stotz said…
Ha ha, you took the words right out of my mind! I have to update my blog tomorrow and have not one clue what to write about! Finding a subject that hasn't been done to death is impossible and so frustrating. But once you do come up with something, it's a lot of fun! Sigh
Mary Martinez said…
I wonder how these professional bloggers come up with new material? Writers they can stories all day long, but unless it's a fiction blog--What do you do?

Thanks for the comment Allyn!

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