A Big Congratulations
goes to Diane Lockard for winning the grand prize! You a signed copy of Disappear, a Beckett coffee mug and a I Heart The Beckett Series. I really hope you enjoy!


Diane said…
I am definitely enjoying my prizes, fill up my Beckett coffee mug, and "snuggle in" and read Disappear... We woke up to a slight skiff of snow this morning, not surprising for this time of year in Utah!!
Thank you again, Mary, my friend and I enjoyed talking to you yesterday. I read your blog on promotion, and some writers in our group are trying to find out the best way to publish?
KDP has worked a little. I can't say that I sell well. Free promo gets you seen, but that may not translate into buys. Like the ladies have said, write a really good book and keep writing them.

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