Christmas Kiss by L. L. Muir

Welcome back to the garden. We love having you here. And today we’re talking Christmas. We usually have snow on the ground, but it's slow in coming this year. However, it's still cold so we have blankets and space heaters to set the mood, not to mention hot cocoa with marshmallows.

Mary: Tell us a bit about you, L.L., and I don’t mean the author part. I mean family, and what else you like to do besides write.

L. L.: I’m surrounded by funny supportive people who let me write all I want. They think every time they say, “Sure, go write,” I’ll turn around and say, “Sure, go do whatever you want.” Sometimes it works for them. Sometimes it doesn’t. I love football season because none of them care what I’m doing while they’re watching football. As long as I keep hoagie fixin’s on hand, of course.
Other than writing, I’m obsesses with all things Scotland.

Mary: What is your favorite thing about Christmas? And what inspired you to write Heathcliff and Bree’s story?

L. L.: Favorite thing: snow. I’m a Utah girl. It’s not Christmas without it.

Why this story? Well, I’m not a sweet-little-Christmas-story kind of girl—mostly because I hate to cry in front of others. Making readers cry, however, is my favorite thing to do. So Christmas Kiss isn’t so much about the holiday as it is a romance that takes place between Christmas and New Year’s. The kiss I refer too is going to drive them both out of their minds. Muwahahahaha!

Mary: What do you have cooking for us? More Time travel?

L. L.: Yes. The sequel to GOING BACK FOR ROMEO, entitled NOT WITHOUT JULIET, is going to be out by the first week in December if all the stars align. Then I’m hoping to have the sequel to BLOOD FOR INK (a Regency romance) out for Christmas. It will be called BONES FOR BREAD. This one is a combo—a Regency romance set in Scotland. It should make all my readers happy.

Mary: Where can all your fan’s find you? Web site, Blog, Social Media?

L. L.: Twitter @LLMuir
Facebook page is under L.L. Muir
But you can find all you want to know at my website.

Thank you for visiting with us again. L. L.!

Love the Garden in the snow...

And now a review of Christmas Kiss By L. L. Muir.
For me, it was the red boots on the cover. I love them. Of course, it could be the reason I have a pair myself. So I thought, I have to read that book, it was meant to be!

Heathcliff and Bree are so much fun. Just right for the season. I love the Muir Witches! I never cared for time travel until I read Melissa Mayhue, and now I have two to read! Well done L.L. Muir! Bring more on! This is a must read, especially for Christmas.
5 poinsettia's for Christmas
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L.L. Muir said…
Thanks for having me, Mar!
I think you have a gift for titles, among other writerly talents. I can't wait for Bones, and anything else you put out.
Thanks for the fun post.
Merry Christmas!
Melissa Mayhue said…
I'm SO looking forward to the next time travel!!! Big hugs on the release of Christmas Kiss. I know I have my copy already!!

~ Melissa
Tiffinie Helmer said…
Woohoo! More LL MUIR. Great post and I'm with you on the snow. We need some quick!
stanalei said…
Great interview, Mary and L.L. I love Christmas stories and can't wait to read this one.
Mary Martinez said…
Hey, thanks everyone for dropping by. L.L. will be here all week if you want to spread the word!

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