It's Black Friday

Nana and her girls.
Are you going shopping? I'm not, you couldn't pay me enough to step into a store today. So we're driving to Idaho to get lottery tickets. Utah doesn't have a lottery, that's a whole other story. But anyway, when we win that will be our Christmas. The odds are something like one in four million, do you think I have a chance?

How did your holiday go? Ours went well. Our family came for breakfast, and then the rest of the day they went to other relatives homes. We had our dinner about 6ish and only our one son and his boys came. It was laid back and very nice.

And as I stated at the first of the week I tried a few new recipes so I thought I'd share.

Breakfast Menu
French Toast Casserole
French Toast Casserole
Traditional French Toast
Breakfast sausage
Breakfast potatoes

For the Casserole I used a tailgating recipe that I had posted the link to earlier. Check here for the recipe (scroll down). And the only changes I made was I used 3/4 cup milk and 3/4 cup Irish Cream. And I also added 1 tsp cinnamon. I sprinkled some over the bread cubes before I added the egg mixture and I added the tsp to the mixture and mixed it in.

Dinner Menu
Spicy Sweet Potatoes
Traditional Turkey and stuffing
Candied Sweet Potatoes
Spicy Sweet Potatoes
Mashed potatoes and Gravy
Cranberry sauce

I made my stuffing as usual, I used Pepperidge Farm and added celery, onion, garlic, 1/2 chicken broth 1/2 white wine for the liquid. This year I threw in some cubed honeycrisp apples. Touched it off just nicely. On the Spicy Sweet Potato recipe, I only added jalapeno's because if you're going to have it spicy, just saying. Check here for the recipe.

Have a great holiday and stay safe out in the crazy stores. I will continue to look for comments about what you are grateful for, family traditions or recipes for contest entries through Sunday. The winner will have their choice of a signed print book of mine.


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