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Welcome Elizabeth Loraine to the garden. It's YA day, so fill up your plates and settle in for some fun.

Mary: Who inspires you?

Elizabeth: I'm inspired everyday, by something or someone. Military families, who are so selfless in their support of those who protect us with their lives everyday. Figuring out plot lines seems trivial to that.

Mary: Where do you find your ideas? Does something trigger them? Do you carry around a notebook incase inspiration strikes?

Elizabeth: I do carry a note pad now for ideas that come to me while driving. I always seem to get ideas then. I don't know why. I love to watch the history channel, I get alot of ideas from real history.

Mary: How do you know Young Adults will enjoy your story?

Elizabeth: I read YA, it's why I write it. It's twilight, meets Lord of the Rings. Strong female characters saving and protecting. It's magical, romantic and heroic all at the same time.

Mary: Is there any particular reason you write Young Adult? And what ages do you consider Young Adult?

Elizabeth: I love it myself. I think 12 to infinity enjoy YA.

Mary: Do you write Middle Grade or just Young Adult?

Elizabeth: Some of my stories are considered childrens, like Marcella, vampire mage. Younger readers will enjoy that, but yes mostly YA.

Mary: Would you ever consider writing Women’s Fiction?

Elizabeth: Not really, but I think women of all ages love my stories. I have many more 23-60 fans than younger ones.

Mary: How do you name your characters?

Elizabeth: Sometimes I just have an idea, and some times I match their names to their country of origin. I use the baby name sites to figure out names to, with meanings to match their gifts, or character traits etc. It's fun.

Mary: Do you like to write series? Or single titles only?

Elizabeth: I like a series. It's so hard to get the whole story told in one book, to sculpt the characters in that time is difficult.

Mary: Where did you grow up? And how did that inspire your writing?

Elizabeth: I grew up in a small northernn Minnesota town. I always had stories in my head. I'm just now writing them down.

Mary: Do you like to travel? If so where is your favorite city?

Elizabeth: I do love to travel. I love mountains and Jackson Hole is one of my favorite places to visit.

Mary: What is your favorite foods? Do you have a favorite restaurant you’d recommend if we ever visit your city?

Elizabeth: I love to cook. Italian is my favorite, and a steak house would be next. I'd cook for you if you came to town.

Mary: How do you research for your books?

Elizabeth: The internet makes it easy to do research.

Mary: Are the characters in your books, people you know?

Elizabeth: I think you use characteristics of a mix of people for your characters, you have to have some knowledge of them in order to make them real for your readers.

Mary: Can you tell us where people can find you? Web site, social media, blog, etc.

Elizabeth: Sure, I'm on facebook with my personal page and my Royal Blood Chronicles page, twitter @bloodchronicles, goodreads and pinterest.

Mary: Have you written your entire life? Not as in wanting to write, but actually pursued a writing career.

Elizabeth: No, I only started three years ago. I never thought it would be possible.

Mary: What is your writing process?

Elizabeth: I start with a simple idea, open a template and start to type. I write everyday, and treat it like a job. I think it's important to give yourself goals and dead lines to keep you on target.

Mary: If you could visit a place for research, where would it be?

Elizabeth: Austria, surrounded by the beautiful castles and mountains.

Mary: Where do you want to go with your writing career?

Elizabeth: I just want to keep writing as long as I enjoy it. Creating magical worlds for readers to lose themselves in, characters they can root for, hate and love.

Mary: What is your work in progress? And, when do you plan to have it done?

Elizabeth: I just finished a novella, a continueing story of Lillian, a vampire tale. I am now writing book eight of Royal Blood Chronicles which will be out later this fall.

Mary: What are your thoughts on self-publishing verses traditional publishing?

Elizabeth: I think self publishing gives you more control over everything, and I like that.

Mary: Where do you see your writing career to be in five years?

Elizabeth: I hope to have fifty books out, I'd love to see one of them as a movie or TV series.

Mary: If you were told your stories were unbelievable and no written very well, would you continue to write? What would your response be?

Elizabeth: Everyone has their oppinion, I'm trying to get better with every project. All writers, even the most successful have been told that.

Mary: Does your family support you in your writing career? How?

Elizabeth: Very much. My husband gives me time to promote at night, they tell everyone they know. My sister helps me with covers, editing and everything computer related. It's been so much fun.

Mary: If there was one wish you could ask the genie in the bottle to grant, what would it be?

Elizabeth: That no child would ever go hungry again.

Mary: Would you ever consider converting one of you stories/published books into a screenplay? And if you could corroborate with someone, who would it be?

Elizabeth: 1492 Pictures for sure or New Line. The director of Lord of the Rings Peter Jackson would be my dream director.

Katrina: The Beginning
By Elizabeth Loraine

As a Vampire being hunted was nothing new. Finding out that I had to save those that were hunting us was!

Katrina, a young royal blooded vampire, chronicles her life from the age of seventeen beginning in the 1800's forward in the series Royal Blood Chronicles.

Katrina is thrust into something she never could have imagined growing up in the aristocracy of Europe. Once the fashion of the day, and girlish gossip filled Katrina and her new friends days, but their lives changed the instant their race was threatened and they were chosen as the Five, and the protectors of not only the vampire race, but all the peaceful races of the world!

If you are looking for a new, exciting vampire series, with strong female characters you've found it in Royal Blood Chronicles. It starts here with Katrina, The Beginning!

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Book Trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTObw06aJFo

Review Quotes
I am a fan of YA novels. I am also a fan of vampire novels. Between my two loves, I had thought I had experienced the majority of what the genre could provide me, until I discovered independent author, Elizabeth Loraine


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