Treat from the Farmer's Market

This morning (Saturday the 16th) we decided to go browse the SLC Farmer's Market and boy did we do more than browse. What a way to spend the morning. I bought a CD by The Dunmore Lasses which I'm listening to right now. We bought a U of U tray thing, not quite sure what it is, but Ron liked it. Then we bought dinner. Tonight an ALL FRESH dinner from the market.

If you have a farmer's market near you, this is the way to go. Not only did they have vegetables of every variety, some I've never heard of before, they had organic beef, cheeses to die for and seafood. So here our menu (it was on Saturday evening anyway)

Smoked White Cheddar from Gold Creek Farms in Kamas Utah
Italian Baguette from Vosen Authentic German Bakery
(Sorry I forgot to take the picture when I originally made the cheese and bread platter. This is the refill and most the cheese is gone, it was dang good!)

Main Course
Fresh (flown in fresh that morning) Hawaiian Swordfish prepared: Patted dry and then rubbed with virgin olive oil and my Cajun Spice.

Baby white potatoes w/Blue potatoes, sweet red tomatoes, fresh basil and fresh garlic tossed together with virgin olive oil and rolled in aluminum foil a cooked on the grill.

Fresh garden:
Fresh, spinach, Red Lettuce, basil, radishes, baby carrots, zucchini, sweet red onion tossed in a oil and vinaigrette given to us by a friend.

Desert--Our friends brought to top the meal off-Apple pie w/Vanilla Bean ice cream. Served with coffee made with fresh ground beans.

I recommend you all try this!


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