Review on: Anasazi Runner by Jeff Posey

I met Jeff Posey at the DFW Conference in 2011. We've kept in touch off and on over the year. I interviewed him in the Garden April 2011 Anyway, he approached me before Christmas and asked me if I'd read Anasazi Runner and give him an honest review on Amazon. I told him I was very busy, but I would read it after the first of the year. Which I did on vacation--I'll explain the rest in my review, but first:

It’s a quirky romance. An athletic fantasy. A mystery of identity over the ages. A spine-tingling race to the finish.

Anasazi Runner: a novel of identity and speed is told from the perspective of Coach Jesse, a retired history teacher and reluctant running coach.

Coming soon to Nook (March 2012)

I'm going to be honest with you. As most of you know I went to Key West in January on Vacation. I had my iPad Nook and Kindle Apps filled with all my favorite authors. Along with this book, not the type I usually read. My plan was to read the first chapter and the last chapter. You know just enough to have the gist of the story and give a good review for a friend. Then move on to the books I really wanted to read while lazing around the pool on vacation.

I know my bad.

BUTTTTTT, I couldn't stop reading it. I enjoyed the training, since it was very similar to when I was training for my marathons. I enjoyed the characters. I am even trying to get my husband to read it. I really didn't think I could read a book on running. I was afraid it would remind me of some of the non-fiction running books I've tried to read in my life. So I was pleasantly surprised. And I enjoyed lazing around and reading Jeff's book. I suggest you all pick your copy ASAP you won't be disappointed.
I give this fun book 4.5 Dahlia's


Jeff Posey said…

Thank you very much for the great review. You know, it's better that you expected you might not like it and then were drawn in. That makes me a happy writer.

Note that on Feb. 11, 2012, I uploaded a new Kindle file of "Anasazi Runner" after finding and fixing a few typos. You'll also find paperback copies available on Amazon by March.

Again, thanks and take care!
Lindsay said…
This sounds like an interesting book and I think it will end up in my Wish List
Usemeplz said…
Nice review, now I'm interested in reading it, thanks!
Mary Martinez said…
Great! For the update Jeff. I'm afraid I missed the typo's. I must have been too involved in the reading.
scfinder said…
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